Chemical Peel

There are several different types of chemical peels ranging in strength from superficial peels to deep resurfacing peels. Superficial chemical peels are the mildest form of a chemical peel you can receive. They are so gentle on the skin they are often referred to by many as, “the lunchtime peel” because there is little to no downtime involved.

Chemical peels work by accelerating the skin exfoliation process. This allows for rapid shedding off or peeling away of the top layer of old dull and damaged skin cells; revealing fresh, new skin beneath.

Our most common superficial chemical peels include the use of glycolic acid (30% to 50%), salicylic acid (20% to 30%), and Jessner solution. These relatively gentle peels treat the epidermis (superficial layer of the skin) and are excellent exfoliators. With repeated use, these peels have the ability to smoothen skin texture, reduce blemishes, diminish fine lines, increase collagen, lighten pigmentation irregularities (such as with sun spots and melasma), and treat acne.


Medium chemical peels, also known as TCA peels, provide a non-surgical solution for those battling fine lines and surface wrinkles, sun damage, uneven pigmentation, acne and acne scars, and various color irregularities by accelerating the shedding of the top dull, damaged layers of skin. Medium depth or TCA peels can also provide impressive improvements in the skin’s tone and texture, increase the formation of new collagen (helping with skin tightening), as well as dramatically increase the overall brightness and radiance of one’s complexion due to the smooth, fresh layers of skin that have been newly revealed.

Although applied in the same way, medium depth chemical peels provide more powerful results than lighter, superficial chemical peels or “lunch time peels” as the solution is able to penetrate the skin more deeply, but still remain less aggressive than the traditional deep chemical peel. Similar to superficial chemical peels, TCA peels also require less downtime than the traditional deep peel, delivering patients long-lasting results with a simple and brief healing process. Although patients may return to most of their regular activities immediately following a TCA chemical peel, redness can take several days to fully fade and dead skin cells gradually peel or flake away for most in three to seven days. Most patient’s skin will be fully healed at about two weeks post treatment time.

Dr. Foulad custom formulates each chemical peel to fit the needs of each patient’s individual skin goals and concerns. Treatment plans can range from a single treatment to a series of treatments spaced out over the course of months. Dr. Foulad will personally consult with you before your appointment to determine best treatment plan for you to achieve optimal results unique to you.