Erbium Non-Ablative Laser

Non-Ablative Laser Rejuvenation

What is a Non-Ablative Erbium Laser Treatment?

Non-ablative erbium (1540nm) laser therapy is an excellent option for those who desire skin resurfacing with minimal downtime. The non-ablative erbium laser treatment boosts collagen and treats skin irregularities. This leads to improvement of fine lines, irregular skin texture, scars, and stretch marks.  It can also improve uneven pigmentation conditions such as melasma. Non-ablative lasers tend to have fewer side effects and a shorter healing time. This is because the laser energy focuses deep within the skin. All the while still keeping the skin’s surface intact. Since no open wounds are made, there is no oozing or bleeding (which can occur with ablative lasers). Downtime is further reduced by using the fractional technology of the Palomar Erbium 1540 laser system.

How Does the Erbium Laser Treatment Work?

This laser generates an array of high-precision microbeams. These microbeams penetrate deep into the skin. They create micro-islands of treatment zones that are surrounded by untreated skin. By leaving the surrounding areas untreated, the skin is able to heal much faster and with less risk of complication. This advanced technique transforms old and damaged skin to healthier and more youthful appearing skin. And because this laser system is relatively gentle, it can also be used safely on darker skin types.

The pain level associated with the non-ablative treatment is minimal. If your skin is sensitive or there is concern that there will be pain, we will use a topical anesthetic cream. We apply the cream to your skin for approximately 1 hour. This is typically sufficient to reduce the discomfort associated with the treatment.

After the treatment, you may have some discomfort. It can feel similar to a sunburn sensation, which resolves over hours to days. The skin can have a red or pinkish tone, which usually resolves within days to a week. The skin may have mild swelling for several days. A grid-like pattern, bronzing, and flaking may also temporarily occur. Most individuals are comfortable returning to work the next day. However, this depends on the skin type and strength of treatment performed.

How Many Erbium Laser Treatments Will I Need?

We generally recommend several treatments in order to achieve worthwhile improvement. Unlike ablative lasers, these treatments are much gentler on the skin. However, the results are not as drastic. A typical treatment regimen involves 3 to 5 sessions, spaced 3 to 5 weeks apart. The exact number of treatments is highly dependent on the skin condition you start with and what you would like to treat. Your skin tone and skin type must also be taken into consideration. Following your treatment, you will continue to see improvements for several more months. During this time new collagen will continue to develop.

Dr. Foulad will determine an individual treatment plan based on your specific goals during your consultation.